Michelle Duggar Greets Saipan with Franicia

Tim and I (Franicia) and our children were visiting our dear friends the Duggars of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting this June 2014 in Arkansas.

We asked Michelle if she could say a greeting for the wonderful people of Saipan! She was so happy to do it!

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Update: To see the Marianas Variety newspaper article by Raquel Bagnol this video was featured on, go here.

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7 thoughts on “Michelle Duggar Greets Saipan with Franicia

  1. This is wonderful. It was so nice meeting you and your sweet family at the Bates’ home! Y’all are a true encouragement and testimony to me and my husband.

  2. Michelle is so so sweet to always do pictures and videos with people! I’m sure a lot of people only want to be her friend because she’s famous, but she is such a saint to graciously honor everyone’s requests for photos and videos. :) Truly the salt of the earth.

  3. This is so great! I am a huge fan of their show, and admire the way they raise their children. I love her patience and kindness, just like you, Franicia!

    • Aww Jaime you are so sweet! I’m so glad you liked it especially having come yourself from our tiny unknown island. They are such an amazing example and glad you find their family and stories an encouragement!