Marianas Variety front page photo and mention of Kickstarter pledges for children's book by Franicia

When I called Dad in Saipan this afternoon to tell him about the great news of being featured and chosen as one of Kickstarter’s Staff Picks today, I didn’t expect to hear his exciting news! What he told me came as a big surprise.

I asked him if he got a chance to pick up the Marianas Variety newspaper the other day to get a copy of the mentioning of our Kickstarter launch for the children’s book I Know You Love Me Mommy and Daddy. He said he did. Then Dad said there was another newspaper article out today (Wednesday for him and still Tuesday for me) and that my photo was on the front page.

Front page? Really? For what? I asked.

It turns out that Marianas Variety so graciously mentioned all of our Kickstarter pledges including price amounts and rewards!  Not only that but the reporter Raquel Bagnol also gave an update on the pledges that came in.

Because of these newspaper articles I was contacted this afternoon for another media release in a magazine. More information on that to come later and this time this press release will be featured on the island of Guam. We are so thankful!

Newspaper article from Marianas Variety about pledges for Kickstarter fundraiser for children's book press release

Appearance: Kickstarter Pledges Mentioned on the Front Page of Marianas Variety
Outlet: Marianas Variety
Location: Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
Format: Newspaper

Saipan newspaper Marianas Variety press release of I Know You Love Me Mommy and Daddy children's book on Kickstarter


As I checked our website statistics, I saw that we were getting some online visitors from one of Saipan’s newspapers, the Marianas Variety. Because of the time difference I didn’t find out until tonight (Monday our time) that this newspaper article had been published on Saipan already. Thank you Marianas Variety for featuring our Kickstarter campaign!

I know that viewing this article will  make it seem like someone is viewing it in the future.  It is indeed Tuesday on Saipan (where the newspaper article was written) and it is still Monday here in Florida where I am posting this media update.

Appearance: I Know You Love Me Mommy and Daddy Featured in Saipan’s Newspaper Marianas Variety
Outlet: Marianas Variety Newspaper
Location: Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
Format: Newspaper

Michelle Duggar Greets Saipan on Vimeo Marianas Variety Newspaper Article with Franicia Tomokane White

I just received this photo from the reporter, Raquel C. Bagnol, who wrote the article that appeared in today’s newspaper Marianas Variety in Saipan.  I had sent her the news that I had uploaded a video of a special request I made for the people of Saipan.

The reporter did her research and came up with the following newspaper article.  She also sent me a link to the online version (which is available for a limited time so I’ve taken a screenshot and will quote it here for when it is gone).

Date: June 27, 2014
Appearance: Michelle Duggar Greets Saipan on Vimeo
Outlet: Marianas Variety
Location: Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
Format: Newspaper

In 2012, our family was asked to be filmed on Guam for a cooking show. The cooking show aired frequently on the island during the day together with other helpful guides for family life on Guam.

The TV show host, LT Dave Blas, admired how we ate healthy real, wholesome, nourishing food. He asked if he could have us on his TV show for a healthy cooking episode. We had no clue he was a TV show host since we do not watch or have a TV in our home.

Appearance: Guam Cooking Show: Island Palate
Location: Agana, Guam
Format: Television