We're Tim and Franicia White. We love the Lord and strive to please Him in all that we do! Our mission is to encourage others to do the same. We also love delicious, wholesome food, and enjoy life together as a family. Here you'll find encouragement and tools to help you on your journey to a healthy, wholesome life.

Have a Ministry Mindset: What I learned from Jim Bob Part 2

It's absolutely normal to go through life  making friends and looking for ways to enjoy life to the fullest. After all, isn't "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" our God-given right? Well, that may be our constitutional right, but the selfish pursuit of our own, personal happiness is not what God would have us to pursue. 

We Need to be Producers Not Just Consumers

We don't own a television.  Instead, our family watches select films, documentaries, and videos through a variety of sources.

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Be Sensitive to Unmet Needs

How sensitive are you to unmet needs?  If you never think about unmet needs, you're probably missing out on opportunities to add to the portfolio of services your business provides.

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Getting Your Children's Input on Ways to Improve Your Family

We see our family not only as a team but also as a close-knit company.  As parents we are their leaders.  You’re either a good one or a bad one. 

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Asking Your Children for Forgiveness and Admitting When You are Wrong

One thing that has greatly impacted our relationships with our young children over the years is admitting when we are wrong and asking for their forgiveness. 

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